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Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses typically have a low magnifying power of 2x to 6× magnification with the lower power types being much more common.For those who need more power we keep some in stock also.

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Jewellers, Watchmakers  Eye Loupe is a classic magnifier which is often used by jewelers and watchmakers. The magnifier is made of Plastic and has a 6x magnification. Ideal for viewing Jewellery Watch Fine Prints   SPECIFICATION..
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HANDHELD SERIES from  The JS-18 HandHeld™ Magnifier from Carson Optical is a compact, easy to use 2x power Magnifier for home, school or office. Its crystal clear acrylic lens gives you a sharp distortion-free view. The HandHeld™ Magnifier has a 6.5x power bifocal lens, which allows you to s..
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Lighted MagniFold™ - MJ-50 The MJ-50 LED Lighted MagniFold™ from Carson Optical represents the latest in Handheld Magnifier design. Its rectangular lens is shaped for the way you naturally view things, and a collapsible handle locks into any of three different positions for the most comfortable a..
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LumiPop™ - LP-66 The LP-66 LumiPop™ Pocket Magnifier from Carson Optical is a compact, 5x power, slide-out Magnifier with a protective "snap-out" plastic case. It boasts a crystal-clear aspheric, acrylic lens. Aspheric lenses provide a clear image with no blurring and little to no distortion. Per..
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MagniFree™  HF-25 The HF-25 MagniFree™ from Carson Optical is a Hands Free, hanging 2x Magnifier with a 3.5x power bi-focal spot lens. The MagniFree™ Magnifier has an adjustable cord for easy positioning. This Magnifier is perfect for crafts and any hobby or activity where both hands are nee..
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MagniSlide ™ MC-22 The MC-22 MagniSlide™ from Carson Optical is a "credit card size" page Fresnel Magnifier that slides-out of its lock-on soft case. The MagniSlide™ Magnifier is small enough to fit in your wallet and lightweight enough to carry all the time! The MagniSlide™ Magnifier is ideal fo..
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OcuLens™ - OL-57 The OL-57 OcuLens™ from Carson Optical is a convenient, Hands Free Magnifier that attaches with ease to most eyeglass frames. Once attached, the interchangeable 5x and 8x lenses can be used to examine objects very close up without needing to hold the Magnifier. Simply flip down a..
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Pocket Magnifier™ PM-33 The PM-33 Pocket Magnifier™ from Carson Optical is a multi-power LED lighted Magnifier. This HandHeld Pocket Magnifier™ has three magnifying powers: 6x, 5x and 2.5x. It features a crystal-clear acrylic lens. It is an ideal low vision aide. The Pocket Magnifier™ is also per..
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Rectangle Rim Free RM-77 The RM-77 Rectangle Rim Free™ handheld magnifier is designed with comfort in mind. Its ergonomic, soft-grip handle promotes a natural hand position. Featuring a 4.7” x 2.7” acrylic crystal clear magnifying lens, you’ll enjoy a wide, distortion-free viewing area easing eye..
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SureGrip™ - SG-16 The Hand and Stand magnifier offers the versatility of handheld or hands free use. The 2x glass lens with built-in 10x spot magnifier increases the SG-16’s range of use while providing maximum durability. The ergonomic SureGrip™ handle adds comfort while in handheld use or easil..
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TriView™ - TV-36 The TV-36 TriView™ Magnifier from Carson Optical is a compact, portable folding loupe Magnifier with power ranging from 3x-9x power magnification. Each lens contains 3x power magnification. Combine two lenses together to make 6x power magnification, or three to make 9x power. The..
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A modestly priced hand magnifier  with nickel plated rim, glass lens and black plastic handle. ..
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Dorr Small LED Magnifier 3x90mm The Dorr Small LED Magnifier 3x90mm is extremely helpful for reading or viewing anything small in poor lighting conditions. The Magnifier has 12 LED's which illuminate the subject and it's 3 x magnification makes it a very good general purpose magnifier..
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Foldable Loupe 6x 19mm (Linen Tester) Strong magnifying foldable linen tester magnifier with metal casing. Included: Sewing (Linen Tester) Loupe Foldable 6x Leather look pouch with velcro   SPECIFICATIONS   Lighting:   Wit..
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Foldable Table Magnifier 5x 40mm Foldable table magnifier. The base is equipped with millimetres and inches ruler markings.  Linen Tester. 5x Magnification Known also as Stitch Counters and Linen Checkers, Linen Testers, as the name suggests, were fi..
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