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From handy compact type flashguns to high performance on camera or off-camera flashguns, we can help you find the best light for every situation.

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Barndoor Set,Honeycomb Grid and Filters SFA-BHC The Barndor lighting set is equipped with a barndoor set, honeycomb grid and 4 colour filters. The included barndoors can be completely opened to spread the light, but can also be pushed together to create a small light stream. The red, yellow,..
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Dorr Studio Bracket for Flash and Umbrella Code: 370899   This Dorr Flash/Umbrella Bracket Clamp is for all light stands or background supports. Flash Lights can be mounted and positioned in a variety of ways. Holder for diffuser umbrellas to be attached is included. &..
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Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-15 + Hotshoe + Tripod Connection The Falcon Eyes HS-15 Hotshoe Adapter is ideal for integrating a speedlite into a flash set. The speedlite simply slides into the hotshoe connection and if equipped with a slave function, will flash when triggered by the other flash units. A..
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Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25B + X-contact The Falcon Eyes HS-25B Hotshoe Adapter fits into the hotshoe of the camera and is equipped with an X-Contact. This adapter makes it possible to add an x-contact to your camera if it is not equipped with one.   ..
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This JJC FC-320EX Diffusion Dome for CANON 320EX Flash will soften and diffuse the direct light from your 320EX portable flash for a more flattering light. Softens and diffuses light For the CANON 320EX Flash ..
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High-quality speedlight flashgun diffuser for  Canon Speedlite 540EZ and Speedlite 550EX Flash Guns   Flash photography can take years of experience to master but the Flash Diffuser for Canon 540EZ and 550EXcan shave off a few of those years.   Immediately elimin..
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MODUS 600RT Speedlight     Powered by an Extreme Li-Ion Battery SPEED!! Fast recycle time of 1.5 sec (4x faster than AA battery power) Up to 600 shots at full power Up to 1000 shots at 1/2 power Built-in 2.4GHz wireless receiver & transmitter Unique wireless con..
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Speedlite SoftBOX60 KIT A portable and versatile softbox Compatible with all hot-shoe mounted speedlites and Bowens Mount accessories Part No: 1002 120.0 60 x 60cm (24” x 24”) softbox made from high quality nylon material Includes universal speedlite HB Bracket Compatible with all ..
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Universal Flash Accessory Kit for Speedlites Flash Accessory Kit compatible with all hot-shoe mounted speedlites Part No: 1002 110.0 Kit includes five different light diffusion accessories: Honeycomb diffuser Flash Reflector diffuser Flash Colour-Effect Filter Kit* Foldable Lig..
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 For fixing a flash unit next to the camera  - For all flash units, lights, synchromats and tilt heads with a standard accessory shoe  - Suitable for photo/video cameras with a tripod socket  - With a standard accessory shoe and a sliding A 1/4" (6.4 mm) camera screw, B 1/4" (..
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Highlights - Responds to the light from the master flash and, with a certain delay, triggers the connected flashgun - Range 10-20 m, with hot shoe contact, tripod socket 2.4 x 1.4 x 2.1 cm, 24 g.  Please Note: We have found that this Slave Unit will not work 100% with some digital D-SL..
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For cameras without hot flash contact and flash equipment with hot flash contact. With approx. 30 cm (11.8 in.) synchro cable, shoe mount and 1/4” tripod bush. Also designed for attaching flash equipment with hot flash contact on tripods. Height: 16 mm (0.6 in.) ..
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Off Camera Flash Cords A range of extension cords to enable the photographer to position their battery operated flash guns up to 3m (9'9") away from the camera. Available in Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and Sony versions. We keep Canon & Nikon Fit in stock  ..
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 Macro Ring Lamp with Flash MRC-80FV The MRC-80FV Macro Ring Lamp is both a continuous lighting and a flash unit, suitable for portrait or macro photography. The MRC-80FV is suitable for both photography and videography. The ring lamp consists of 80 dimmable LED lights with a light o..
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mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital The new flash satisfaction A compact all-rounder that is setting new standards. Despite its compact size – it even fits in a shirt pocket – the new mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital boasts comprehensive features. The flash output impresses with a guide number of ..
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