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Improve your photography with the many accessories available..

A tripod to keep the camera steady
A remote control to trigger the camera from a distance
A protection filter to safeguard your lens and remove ultra violet light ETC

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Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-15 + Hotshoe + Tripod Connection The Falcon Eyes HS-15 Hotshoe Adapter is ideal for integrating a speedlite into a flash set. The speedlite simply slides into the hotshoe connection and if equipped with a slave function, will flash when triggered by the other flash units. A..
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The Gray Chart has two surfaces, one white and one gray. The white surface serves for white balance, and the gray side with 18% reflection is essential for exposure metering. Thus it is the perfect accessory for an isochromatic and tonally correct rendering of images and you can be sure th..
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WET & DRY are pre-soaked, individually sealed applicators produced under clean room conditions.   The correct amount of fluid at Wet Foam is an essential aspect of safe application  The special treatment of our NEW DRY SWEEPER guarantees streak-free cleaning. ..
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4-in-1 DSLR Cleaning Kit Everything you need to clean all optical surfaces including cameras, camcorders, binoculars, scopes & more. Part No: 1002 100.0 4 cleaning products: Lens Pen Air Blower Microfibre Cloth 35ml Cleaning Fluid Non-toxic & environmetally friendly ..
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 Product information Removes dirt and dust from all optical surfaces Cleans effectively thanks to its high-quality fibre structure Microfibre cleaning cloth (80% polyester, 20% polyamide Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series) Colour Light Grey Fiel..
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- For cleaning your workplace in the office and at home  - Very high volume  - With small tube for hard to reach places  Note for Consumers:  - Observe the information provided by the device manufacturer  - Before cleaning, disconnect device that needs cleaning from t..
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- Protection foil for LCD screens of digital cameras, protects from fingerprints, dust and scratches - Matted - Self-adhesive - Diagonal: 89 mm in case of 4:3 Note for Consumers: Clean the display thoroughly before attaching the foil. Make sure that your fingers are not dirty or gre..
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Nobody wants dust accumulating on their camera. Not only can it ruin a perfectly good photo by casting shadows across them when present on the sensor, but it can also clog up and interfere with the lens and viewing screens preventing you from capturing your desired picture in the fi..
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 For fixing a flash unit next to the camera  - For all flash units, lights, synchromats and tilt heads with a standard accessory shoe  - Suitable for photo/video cameras with a tripod socket  - With a standard accessory shoe and a sliding A 1/4" (6.4 mm) camera screw, B 1/4" (..
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- For removing dirt and oxidations from batteries and electric contacts - Length of the glass fibre refill: 25 mm - Length of the pen: 120 mm Model: Glassfibre Bundles Component: Contact Cleaner Component 2: Cleaning Pencil ..
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Dirty lens a feature of your camera?  There can be nothing worse when trying to take photographs of beautiful scenary, fantastic creatures and objects or trying to capture those valuable family moments, for your lens to be covered in thick dust or nasty smudges, marks and fingerprints. This ..
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Lens Cleaning Set "Optic" Item code: 005934 (5 Piece) Achieve a spotless, sparkling lens for your camera with this high quality cleaning set from Hama. It comes in 5 parts featuring a variety of handy cleaning tools to help you to get your desired finish. Camera lense..
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Please Note: In Store Purchase Only   Photo Corners White 250 250 Photo Corners Archival Quality & Photo Safe. Non-Permanent Made in Europe ..
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Please Note: In Store Purchase Only   Photo Splits 250 250 Splits Double-sided adhesive tabs - can also be used for mess-free gift wrapping, collages, etc Archival Quality & Photo Safe. Non-Permanent Made in Europe ..
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Pocket size photo album for 6"x4" (10x15cm) Prints 19.001.08 Hard Front and Back Covers Easy slip in or out pages Holds 36 prints    A lovely way to present your photos, to family, friends and other enthusiasts ..
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