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Studio Equipment

Light awakes emotions and creates atmosphere.Light gives us focus and energy.At low light we get tired, thoughtfully and at times melancholy..
throw some light on the subject, studio equipment is the answer

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With the Foldable Background and the two-sided usable Train, we offer an item from which you can benefit twice! An absolute must-have for every professional photographer!  The Foldable Background with Train particularly attracts through its 3in1 character: The Foldable Backgro..
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Probably the most underestimated piece of gear in the kit bag, Ideal for photographers on the move and where space is paramount. The ½ f~stop Translucent reflector is easily converted by a zip on overlay sleeve which offers four additional surfaces to be used: Gold, Silver, Black , and White. The Go..
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5 In 1 Reflector 110cm (42")   Reflector with diffuse covering. Double-sided coating which is tensioned with a zipper over the reflector.Carrying case included. Reflective surfaces in: gold / silver / white / black / diffus..
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TELESCOPIC Background System, 120-307cm The Background System for Cloth or Paper Rolls is a sturdy backdrop system complete with 2 tripods and a telescopic crossbar.    Features: Transportable background system Telescoping crossbar (Ø approx. 3cm) Steplessly ex..
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Barndoor Set,Honeycomb Grid and Filters SFA-BHC The Barndor lighting set is equipped with a barndoor set, honeycomb grid and 4 colour filters. The included barndoors can be completely opened to spread the light, but can also be pushed together to create a small light stream. The red, yellow,..
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Continuous Light (Daylight) Kit LHK-240 The LHK-240 Continuous Light Kit contains a standard lamp holder equipped with an umbrella holder, one 40W energy saving spiral lamp with a power comparability of 100W, a 19.5cm reflector and a standard..
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Ideal for product photography and well suited for portraits. The light's color temperature of 5.5000K corresponds with daylight and mostly does not require any color corrections. Recommended camera setting: Manual White Balance and Daylight Digi Continuous ..
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With this Go Flash White Softbox you receive a very soft and smooth light with high luminous efficiency and flowing shadows. This soft box is internally coated white for a softer illumination. This softbox is perfect for portraits, beauty, glamour and product photography. Flash area: 29.5 x 19.5..
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Dorr Studio Bracket for Flash and Umbrella Code: 370899   This Dorr Flash/Umbrella Bracket Clamp is for all light stands or background supports. Flash Lights can be mounted and positioned in a variety of ways. Holder for diffuser umbrellas to be attached is included. &..
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Eco Silver Umbrella 83 cm The silver Umbrella provides a crispy, directional reflected light with sharper contrast. EL-Umbrellas are delivered with a sleeve for transport and protection. ..
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32” / 80cm Flash Umbrella, with white interior lining, softens and scatters the light to make it more controllable and flattering. The black outer coating means that the light does not bleed into the surrounding area and is, instead, focused on your subject.   SPECIFICATIONS   ..
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The white translucent umbrella creates very soft and diffuse light. That way it is perfectly suited as main or high light in portrait and product photography. Both the tip and the frame are made from metal which ensures higher stability and a longer lifetime. Features: Ideal as a ma..
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Flash Umbrella UR-48T Transparent White 122 cm This flash umbrella UR-48T is made of a white, translucent (diffuse) fabric. The flash umbrella can be used to reflect soft light. Besides that it has the possibility to flash through the material to create a softbox effect. Compared t..
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Flash Umbrella UR-32G Gold / White 70cm (27") This flash umbrella has a golden interior coating and a white exterior coating. An umbrella with a golden coating inside reflects "warm" light The flash umbrella is solidly constructed. The tubes have a diameter of 8 m..
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Flash Umbrella UR-32S Silver / White 80cm (32") This flash umbrella UR-32S has a silver interior coating and a white, translucent (diffuse) exterior fabric. An umbrella with a silver coating inside reflects fairly "hard" light. The flash umbrella is solidly constructed. The..
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