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Reflectors & Gray Cards

Ideal for quick shoots or situations where it needs warming up, cooling down or just softening. Just pop it in with the rest of your equipment and never be stuck for lighting on any occasion again.

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Probably the most underestimated piece of gear in the kit bag, Ideal for photographers on the move and where space is paramount. The ½ f~stop Translucent reflector is easily converted by a zip on overlay sleeve which offers four additional surfaces to be used: Gold, Silver, Black , and White. The Go..
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5 In 1 Reflector 110cm (42")   Reflector with diffuse covering. Double-sided coating which is tensioned with a zipper over the reflector.Carrying case included. Reflective surfaces in: gold / silver / white / black / diffus..
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The Gray Chart has two surfaces, one white and one gray. The white surface serves for white balance, and the gray side with 18% reflection is essential for exposure metering. Thus it is the perfect accessory for an isochromatic and tonally correct rendering of images and you can be sure th..
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Perfect pictures can only be shot with perfect exposure and color balance.  Both can only be achieved using a quality Gray Card with a uniform spectral reflectance, regardless of wavelength, color or intensity of the illumination.   Some hobby photographers hold that any white or gr..
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Product features:   bracket for reflectors of 10-168cm for lamp tripods, tubes, crossbars etc. with a diameter of approx. 18-30mm easy to mount ideal if there is no assistant on Location The reflector bracket is an ideal assistant for holding your reflector. You can attach..
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This Dorr 56cm (22") Folding Reflector is a double-sided reflector with both a white and gold surface. The white reflector is for whitening neutral colours and the gold surface provides warm colours and skin tones.     ..
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Three color calibrated reference cards included, it brings science to the art of digital color control. It is the user-friendly, economical and indispensable color correction tool that belongs in every photographer’s bag. Digital Grey Card gives you perfect digital color every time. Logo la..
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Perfect exposure. Perfect white balance. The control card is a two-sided flexible card made of special plastic with gray and white anti-reflective coating. The gray area is the reference area for exposure  (18% reference gray) and the white side enables correct white balance for dig..
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