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Braun Stackable Box 2x50 Slide Magazines to hold 100 Slides

Brand: Braun
Product Code: f-779219
Availability: In Stock

Keep all your slides in the same place in a logical order easily with the Braun standard slide magazine

Capturing a breathtaking image can be amazing, viewing that image on a big screen can be even better, therefore your slides need to be kept fully protected in a safe place at all times.

With an increasing number of slides the importance of the storage increases. Slide magazines offer the best access to the “handmade” works of art whilst taking up limited space. Thanks to the Braun slide magazines you do not lose track of things; you can store a lot of slides for a long period of time.

The Braun standard slide magazine can hold up to 100 slides giving you plenty of room for storage so that you never have to make the hard decision of what to throw away to make space for more. With stackable capability you can have as many standard slide magazines as you need to house your slides without taking up a lot of room. The slides are always ready to hand – for spontaneous presentations or future nostalgia shows.

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